A QUESTION about two reset statement!

Hi everyone. Dear Marcel I need your help again! I should reset two potentials in a neuron group for a threshold voltage but it doesn’t work.
I wish it work in brian!
eqsfsi = Equations(’’’

dv_fsi/dt = ((0.04 * v_fsi**2) + 5.v_fsi + 140. - u_fsi - I_eictx )/(ms) : 1
du_fsi/dt = (a_fsi
((b_fsi*v_fsi)-u_fsi))/(ms) : 1

Gictx = NeuronGroup(num_neuronsictx, model=eqsfsi,
method=‘euler’, threshold = ‘v_fsi >= 30.’, reset = ‘the below condition’ )

condition " v_fsi=c_fsi and u_fsi=b_fsi*c_fsi"

Hi @atefeasd . The and operator is only used for logical conditions, i.e. something that evaluates to true or false. To reset two variables, you need to separate the two statements either by a semicolon or use a multiline string. I.e. in your case, both

Gictx = NeuronGroup(..., reset='v_fsi=c_fsi; u_fsi=b_fsi*c_fsi')


Gictx = NeuronGroup(..., reset='''v_fsi=c_fsi

should work.

Thank you so much! I am very happy to meet you!