Calcium oscillation

Hi everybody
who knows that how can i plot single peak and multi peak calcium oscillation ?

This is not my area of expertise, but this looks like a reasonable mathematical model which could be replicated in Brian:

On the dynamical structure of calcium oscillations” (2017) Sneyd et al.

the equations for the model show up in the supplemental material here: [link to supplement]

thank you so much for your help, and can we plot heat map with brian2 ?

Here are Brian’s built in plotting functions:
while there is a heatmap available for plotting synaptic connections, I think it would be simpler to use a heatmap from a dedicated python plotting library.

I like matplotlib and plotly.
Here’s how to make a heatmap with seaborn (which is based on matplotlib):
And here’s how to make a heatmap with plotly (this has the added benefit of being interactive)

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thank you adam so much , i will put my results here as soon as possible :pray:

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