New categories to add?

Any new categories we should add?

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Hello Dan,

Can we get a learning/project category or group where we can use Brian to implement some simple models to start with from research papers similar to the project Marcel gave during the Brian2 tutorial? We can have interested participants to peer code the models and post it here for future reference and learning. I would be very interested and also have some easy papers in mind to start if this gets approved.


Sure thing, that would be a great thing to have. I wonder if in the interest of limiting the number of categories we should rather make it a subcategory? E.g. of “Social”?

It might be nice for it to have its own space, and then could be further subdivided into different groups of people learning together, for example? But maybe that’s jumping the gun a bit.

I agree with the general idea, but I’m not sure we’ll have an amount of posts where this is necessary any time soon. I don’t mind having a new category like “Learning” or “Training”, but I feel that with “Science” and “Social” and “Showcase” we’d have a number of categories that overlap a bit. E.g. where would be the best place to discuss a paper/model written in Brian that you came across?

No strong feelings so happy to do it like this if you prefer!

Same for me (any opinion on this @touches ?). If we want to keep the number of categories low, another option would be to e.g. make “Showcase” a subcategory of “Science”, for example. Or maybe we just go ahead with many categories, and reduce them later when we have a better overview over the way things are used.

The idea of having “Showcase” under “Science” sounds good to me and agree with the rationale of having less number of categories. I was thinking of something like “Projects” where a call for participation can be made. If it’s okay to make such posts under “Showcase” asking for participation or mutual learning/working on implementing models from papers using Brian I could start with it. If there is active participation and the number of such posts increases then we can club them under a new category.

If I look at the description of the “Science” section it says:

So discussing how to create a model from a paper would be a good fit there, I think. What do you think about this @dan?

Both “Science” and “Showcase” can discuss existing models/code, but for me “Showcase” is more about technical things (using Brian in a browser, making interactive figures, …) while “Science” is about computational neuroscience in the more general sense, not limited to Brian.

But things are getting complicated now :slight_smile: If @dan agrees I am going to create a “Projects” category for now, we can always move around things later.

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Well I just went ahead, @dan kind of approved in the earlier posts :slightly_smiling_face:

Head over to the #projects category and propose away :rocket:

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That’s awesome!! and thank you Marcel and Dan. I’ll get to the projects and start a proposal.

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