SpikeMonitor at user's time

Is it possible to record the SpikeMonitor at other times than the equation integration step. For example, the step is 0.01 ms, and I need the values ​​of the occurrence of neural spikes every 1 ms. Didn’t find anything similar in the documentation. Something similar to StateMonitor(dt =). If this cannot be done directly, how can this be achieved?

Hi @serge25 . I am not sure that I completely understand: If the time step is 0.01ms and your SpikeMonitor runs at 1ms, is it supposed to ignore all spikes that happen in between the 1ms time steps? Or are you simply interested in getting spike times with a 1ms resolution (e.g. a spike at 0.05ms should be recorded as 0ms, a spike at 0.95ms as 1ms, etc.)? In that case, you should record the spikes in the usual way and then transform the recorded spike times later.