Temperature gradient "injection"

I wonder if it would be possible to “inject” a transient temperature gradient?
Something akin to what one would do while injecting current, e.g.:

neuron.I[0] = 3

How would that look like? neuron.T[0] = 12*K?

Hi @gts . Brian has no built-in concept of temperature, but if you want to make your model dynamics change with temperature you can include the temperature as a variable of your model, and make the equations depend on it. Then you could set this parameter individually for all compartments (I’m assuming you are interested in a compartmental model) with indeed something like neuron.T[0] = 12*kelvin (maybe a bit cold :wink: ). However, note that Brian does not implement general reaction-diffusion systems, i.e. it will not propagate the temperature across compartments (only currents due to differences in membrane potential are propagated). You can work around this restriction manually, but it is not trivial – let us know if this is what you need.