What's the required format for multi-sample spike output in SpikeFitter of brian2 modelfitting

Description of problem

I 'm trying to fit an aEIF model using the SpikeFitter class. The data used here consists of 5 traces of random current input and corresponding lists of spike times. Since the number of each output spikes given different input traces can’t agree I have to use a python dictionary for the output data, and the fitter fails to work. Still, the example given by the brian2modelfitting document (Simple Examples — Brian2modelfitting 0.3 documentation) implies that it can tackle multi-sample fitting problem. I’m wondering what’s the data type and format of the ‘out_spikes’ used in this given example. Thanks!

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Hi @luckyeric320 I will have to look into this in more detail next week, but if I remember correctly, you can give a list of arrays/lists of spike times. For example, [[10, 20]*ms, [15]*ms] if you have two inputs and the neuron should spike at 10ms and 20ms for the first input, and only once at 15ms for the second input.