Checking neuron perfomance

Hi all,
I am new at Brian, and I have a question about the neuron model I made. what should I do to become sure my neuron model is working properly? I mean I should compare which graphs to become sure the neuron is working well before putting it in the larger network?

Thanks for your help.


This is a common question that even more advanced modelers eventually have.

If properly means bug-free code:
Run a dummy simulation to see if any errors pop-up. Usually Brian is very good at catching errors such as incompatible units or type errors etc.

If properly means biologically correct:
This is something that you need to figure out through experimentation. You can replicate some experimental protocols and check if your model has comparable behavior. Some common ephys properties for validation include: membrane time constant, input resistance, frequency-input curve. If you want so more information on model validation check out this paper. Focus on figure 4 and the relevant supplementary figures as well.

I hope I helped you, if you have any more questions please let me know.