Publication: Computational modeling of in vitro neuronal networks with Brian (and thanks!)

Hi there!

I just wanted to let you know that our work using the brian2 simulator got published in Stem Cell Reports:

I started this work during my master thesis back in 2021 and at the time I received so much great help from you on this forum. So thank you all a lot for the quick replies and extensive answers to all my questions. The brian2 simulator is truly an amazing package and I plan to continue using it during my PhD!


Very cool, thanks for sharing. For anyone interested in the Brian code, it’s here: Model_Python · main · DoornN / MEA Model · GitLab :blush:

For anyone wanting to simulate MEAs in the future, Cleo makes this easy, and lets you get both spikes and LFP out: cleo/notebooks/newman15_validation.ipynb at master · siplab-gt/cleo (