Visual pathway simulation

Description of problem
may anyone help me to create visual neurons code that extends from the Retina to Cortex in the brain

Hi. I’m not entirely sure whether Brian is the tool you are looking for. Please have a look at the examples in the documentation to get a feel about what it can do. It is not a simulator that comes with ready-made models, it is a Python library that you can use to create models of biological neural networks. I.e., you need to decide how to describe your neurons with equations (e.g. integrate-and-fire or Hodgkin-Huxley-type), how to describe your synapses, how you want everything to connect together, and finally what kind of external input your model gets. You can use this approach to model basically any structure of the brain, including the visual system of course.

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thank you a lot Sir, can you can you work with me to creating my model project which is represinting the visual pathways ( ventral and dorsal ). I will pay for you sir. I f you have a time I will be hapy.

I am afraid that while I am happy to help with specific questions about issues with the Brian simulator, I cannot offer more extensive assistance.


thank you Sir :pray: