Good recipes using kale?

I get a weekly veg box delivered, and for some reason they are obsessed with sending me kale. I have no idea what to do with this tough and tasteless vegetable. Any ideas?

import knife as k
import cutting_board as cb
import pot_with_boiling_water_for_spaghetti as pwbwfs

kale = input()
leaf_only = k.cat_out_stems(kale, surface=cb)
pwbwfs.import( external(spaghetti) )

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OK, so this is what all recipes should look like! But, where’s the olive oil and garlic? Surely that must feature? :wink:

Kale does really well with pork I find.
Bacon and kale (fried in the bacon fat - ESSENTIAL) is a nice base for a breakfast - sits pretty well in the precarious position between actually tasting good and not being TOO difficult to spin as ‘healthy’.

I’ll chuck a few other random things with that (couple of eggs on the side usually) and it makes for a solid breakfast!

I’ve used it in omelettes before, but that was a mistake.

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Yeah I can see bacon working here. Not sure I can quite stand the idea of kale for breakfast though, it feels like starting the day on a note of sadness somehow. :wink:

Welcome to the new community btw! :grinning:

Hi Dan: Try this:


I have to say that does actually look pretty good. :slight_smile:

I love the fact that this topic has the second most views of all topics in this forum (after the introduction thread) :smile:
Kale is used in a traditional Nothern German winter dish (like in this recipe), and I really like it. Was surprised when it became Hipster food and started being used in Smoothies, though :wink:


The common theme is that you have to add flavour. :wink: Bacon and loads of mustard - excellent!

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