Model sharing formats, is SONATA supported?

Dear Brian Community,

I am reading Eriksson et al. eLife 2022;11:e69013. DOI: Combining hypothesis- and data-driven neuroscience modeling in FAIR workflows | eLife
In their Table 3 Brian is said to support SONATA interchange file format. However, I cannot find this in recent Brian publications or documentation and neither on this forum. Maybe I am missing something, but any directions on interchange file formats would be helpful.

Simo Vanni

Hi @sivanni. I am not aware of any specific support for using SONATA with Brian (i.e., no one from the core team has worked on this). I guess the authors might be referring to the SONATA support in PyNN which supports running simulations with the Brian2 backend?
Regarding interchange formats in general, there is some basic support for LEMS/NeuroML2 in the brian2tools package.