module for delayed continues variable in Brian

Dear all,

There were so many discussions and feature requests that I finally put together a module for delay continuous variables (aka summed synapses). This module (seems) works for numpy, cython, and cpp-standalone implementations. This code follows a very helpful discussions here, here, and here.

I ran a few performance assessments. For randomly connected 10000 neurons with a 30% probability of connections, the performance is good, but not excellent:

Numpy Cython CPP standalone
With delays 16m 19s 6m 7s 3m 48s
Without delays 7m 5s 1m 39s 37s

The code on GitHub, but I don’t have time to write any documentation, run better benchmarks, and so on. I’ll truly appreciate if someone finishes this module (,,, etc.) and puts it on pypi for the community.