Online Brian tutorial June 30th (also: helpers wanted!)

:mortar_board: As mentioned in the other post, we will have a (free and online) Brian tutorial on Thursday, June 30th. [more information follows, scroll down to the end if you’d be interested in helping]

:clock10: It will take place from 10:30–13:30 UTC (link to local time), i.e. at times that should hopefully be possible for many of you (a few examples: the start is at 6:30 in New York City, 7:30 in Rio de Janeiro, 11:30 in London, 12:30 in Paris and Cape Town, 13:30 in Jerusalem, 16:00 in New Delhi, 18:30 in Beijing, 19:30 in Tokyo, …).

:calendar: You can find the rough preliminary schedule here: CNS 2022 satellite tutorial on Brian (June 30th) | The Brian spiking neural network simulator

Roughly the first half will be an introduction to Brian, and the second half will be about complementary tools in the Brian ecosystem (brian2tool, brian2modelfitting, brian2genn, brian2cuda), as well as about best practice and performance. I therefore hope there will be something for everyone, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced Brian user.

Please do not hesitate to comment here if you feel a topic you care about is missing!

:ballot_box_with_check: Please remember that registration is free but mandatory – you need to register to get access to the Zoom link (but if anything goes wrong, please ping me here)

:video_camera: The tutorial will be recorded and published online in the days after the tutorial.

:sparkles: Helpers wanted :sparkles:

We are expecting a sizeable crowd for this tutorial, and managing an event like in an online zoom setting can be challenging for a single person (me :wave:).

:teacher: :woman_teacher: :man_teacher: We are therefore looking for helpers to make the event run smoothly. There are two types of helpers that would be of tremendous help:

  1. Zoom co-hosts: someone that ideally has a bit of experience with the Zoom interface and can e.g. let people in from the waiting room, or create a break-out room between a student and a helper if necessary. No particular experience with Brian is required for this role.
  2. Brian TAs: someone that ideally has a bit of experience with Brian, and can help users with problems and questions (in particular error messages) in the chat or in a break-out room if necessary. No particular experience with Zoom is required for this role.

All helpers get my and the community’s eternal gratitude, but just to be clear, this is of course a volunteer/unpaid role (sorry!).

:email: If you have time and are willing to help, please contact me by replying here or per direct message, or email me at

Please contact me until tomorrow (Wednesday, 29th) to make sure we can set everything up in time :pray:


Hi, I was unable to register. How can I get access to the tutorial materials. Thank you

Hi @AdiBish. You can find the recorded tutorial here: DROPSU
The material that we used is here: brian-material/2022-06-CNS-satellite-tutorial at master · brian-team/brian-material · GitHub
If you want to run the code yourself, you can either install Brian on your own machine, or use OpenSourceBrain as we did in the tutorial. You’d have to create an account here: (“Sign In” on top right, then register). You can then either start with the fresh workspace as we did in the tutorial by going to this repository on OpenSourceBrain and then “Create a new workspace”, or you can open or clone (so that you can run/edit yourself) the workspace I created during the tutorial.

Please let us know if you run into problems!