Online presentation about Dendrify on Feb 7th

Michalis Pagkalos (@mpagkalos) will introduce and discuss Dendrify, a framework for incorporating dendrites in spiking neural networks, in this “Software Highlight” session, organized by the INCF/ONCS Software Working Group.

February 7, 1600 UTC (Click here to see your local time). See event website for zoom link.

Current SNNs studies frequently ignore dendrites, the thin membranous extensions of biological neurons that receive and preprocess nearly all synaptic inputs in the brain. However, decades of experimental and theoretical research suggest that dendrites possess compelling computational capabilities that greatly influence neuronal and circuit functions. Notably, standard point-neuron networks cannot adequately capture most hallmark dendritic properties. Meanwhile, biophysically detailed neuron models can be suboptimal for practical applications due to their complexity, and high computational cost. For this reason, we introduce Dendrify, a new theoretical framework combined with an open-source Python package (compatible with Brian2) that facilitates the development of bioinspired SNNs. Dendrify allows the creation of reduced compartmental neuron models with simplified yet biologically relevant dendritic and synaptic integrative properties. Such models strike a good balance between flexibility, performance, and biological accuracy, allowing us to explore dendritic contributions to network-level functions while paving the way for developing more realistic neuromorphic systems.

Event website with Zoom link :tv: :


zoom link doesn’t work and required e-mail and password

I just used it and it worked for me – it might only work with a Zoom account for security reasons?

I don’t have a zoom account, and it doesn’t work for me :frowning:
Hope there will be a recording to watch later



What happens if you log into your Zoom account first?

Ah, sorry, if you don’t have a Zoom account, it might not work. But a free account should be enough. But yes, the talk is recorded.

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Hi again everyone. For those of you who could not join the presentation by @mpagkalos, you can find the presentation material here:
:framed_picture: Slides: INCF/OCNS talk - Google Slides
:notebook: Jupyter notebook with demo: Google Colab
:film_strip: Recording: Sign In - Zoom

Unfortunately, it seems that the recordings are again only accessible with a Zoom account (it’s a setting by the UCL admins, so @sanjayankur31 cannot do anything about it, unfortunately). It will show up freely available in the INCF training space at some point, but this might take a while.