Continuous Poisson Input

Hello everyone,

I’m new here and also pretty new at programming. I am doing a master thesis on snakes Infra-red map formation using Brian2. The main idea is to use an input as noise and connect it with a stdp-synapse to the other neuron layers to form a neural map.

For the input I have used:
input = PoissonGroup(N,rates=45*Hz)

I need a continuous Input to use as the noise but I couldn’t find anything in the Brian Documentation. Could you please help me on how to tackle this problem.

Thank you in advance!

Hi and welcome. Could you give a bit more details on your input? When you say, “continuous input” do you mean that you want a noisy current instead of individual spike events? Or is the input not completely random but rather varying over time?

Here’s a pointer to one of the forms of noise you can use in equations: Models and neuron groups — Brian 2 2.4.2 documentation
And here are various ways of including inputs in models: Input stimuli — Brian 2 2.4.2 documentation

Thank you very much for your answer!