Is there a way to make the C++ compilation less verbose in jupyter notebook

I’ve been playing around with brian2 in a jupyter notebook and when I use cython to compile I get very many warnings which buries the output I want to see behind a lot of scrolling and fills up the notebook unnecessarily. There is probably some general way of suppressing these warnings but I couldn’t find it when including the keywords “cython” and “brian” So I thought I’d ask here in order to make it appear in searches for anyone else that also wants to suppress these warnings

An example from me compiling a single simulation:

Hi @MiikaVuorio this looks indeed quite annoying! These messages do not come from Brian, but from the Python C extension build system it uses. You should be able to disable it with Python’s standard logging configuration:

import logging

But of course this shouldn’t happen in the first place. I cannot reproduce the issue on my machine, can you give some more information about the versions of Brian, Cython, and setuptools that you are using? Thanks!