Regarding Gsoc 2024 project

Hi @mstimberg I think I’m now familiar with the brian scripts. I’d like to know about the template customization here. Are there certain templates we’re intending to use?
I have poc ready for integration with pandoc and tested in my local,
Also, what is a good starting point for Brian’s multi-compartment neuron models?

I replied on neurostars: GSoC 2024 Project Idea 18.2 Improve Brian’s markdown exporter (175 h) - #7 by mstimberg - GSoC - Neurostars

Hi @mstimberg
I was going through the structure of SpatialNeuron and thinking of a way to upgrade the BaseExporter for the same…

Can you outline exactly what information or attributes are we looking to extract from it?

I replied again on neurostars – let’s keep the conversation over there for simplicity.