Brian2 on iPad or iPhone

Hello all,

I recently came across a wonderful app for iPhone or iPad, call Carnets or, better CarnetsSci with scipy and numpy preinstalled.

On the GitHub page of this project, the author noted that you can install any Python package, unless it is a pure python one.


%pip install brian2

run this cell for almost 5 minutes (on my ancient iPad), then open new notebook and …

  • Note that it runs on your device, no external connection is needed - amazing, many thanks to
    Nicolas Holzschuch
  • it works only in numpy mode, do not expect too much.

However, it’s quite fun to play with simple models while commuting.



That’s very cool :smiley: For things like this (and e.g. pyodide) we should probably have a “proper” pure-Python version, that only comes with numpy support, does not depend on Cython, etc.

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I wonder whether there is any way to set numpy as default code generator for local installation.

Yes, you can set the preference in a preference file, see Preferences — Brian 2 2.5.1 documentation .

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